Control the Reading Experience

LiquidText was developed on a foundation of research and innovation. While earning his Ph.D., founder Craig Tashman explored ways to improve reading on digital devices. He created a multi-touch system based on published research, testing, and user validation with the goal of supporting deep, critical reading. The result includes an interactive feature set that allows users to freely and precisely control the reading experience. What were once complex functions, such as comparing pages and organizing notes, are now natural and effortless.

 Workspace & Notes

-Create excerpts
-Add notes
-Organize excerpts, notes, comments
-Endless workspace


-Scroll through pages
-View highlights only
-View search term(s) only
-Collapse to compare distant sections
-Retrace steps


-Simultaneously annotate multiple areas
-Undo previous annotation


-Compatible with PDF, Word, and Powerpoint files
-Import from cloud services
-Safari integration
-Built in web browser
-Open from email


-Tap excerpt to find source
-Tap comment to find source
-Tap within document to find excerpt/comment

Export & Share

-Share entire document and annotations
-Share annotations only
-Export to cloud services
-Send to recent
-Email document

Now Available on the iPad

download liquidtext app