The smart way to read.

LiquidText gives you the flexibility and space to make connections between your thoughts and the things you read. Through gesture based reading, you can review, analyze, and react to text in ways not possible on paper.

Manipulate Content

LiquidText creates a personal reading experience, allowing you to manipulate content as you read and review. Engage with documents by dragging out text, collapsing pages, and adding notes.

Organize Notes

Pull out key facts and capture your thoughts. Build upon and develop these excerpts and thoughts in an organized way using the workspace, which sits parallel to your document, giving you room to work as you read.

Seamless Connections

Capture relationships that span pages and never lose the context surrounding your notes. You can comment on multiple areas of text, even when they’re pages apart, and find original sources with a tap.

Collaborate and Share

Collaborate with others by sharing your annotated LiquidText files. They can review your notes and add their own. Integration with cloud services such as Dropbox and Box allows for easy importing and exporting.

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