About us

We are a young, New York startup spinning out of the College of Computing at Georgia Tech, and headed by Craig Tashman, whose thesis research forms the basis of the LiquidText system. The research that ultimately developed into LiquidText began in 2008, and we formed LiquidText, Inc. in 2012. We were awarded Phase 1A and 1B seed grants from the Georgia Research Alliance to help fund our commercialization of the technology.

We continue to work closely with Georgia Tech’s ATDC and GVU Centers as we have throughout this venture.

During the research, development, and commercialization of LiquidText, several people have been instrumental to our efforts, including Keith Edwards and Keith McGreggor. We have likewise had the privilege of working with a formidable group of Georgia Tech students who have contributed immensely to the project.

If you have any questions regarding LiquidText, please feel free to contact us!